Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by either the runaway growth of cells or the failure of cells to die normally. Often, cancer cells spread to distant parts of the body, where they can form new tumours. Cancer can arise in any organ of the body.
In medical terms there remains significant unmet need with cancer striking one of every two American men and one of every three American women at some point in their lives. Each year, nearly 1.6 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the United States, a figure that does not include the 1 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually. Cancer is the second leading cause of death (after heart disease) in the United States, expected to account for about 572 thousand deaths. In Europe it is estimated that 4.2 million will get cancer in 2018, with 1.9 million deaths caused by cancer in the same year (Global Cancer Observatory). While in Asia, 8.7 million will get cancer in 2018, with 5.5 million deaths caused. 

The cost of cancer to the healthcare system in the developed world is enormous. The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates that the overall cost of cancer in 2010 in the US was $124 billion, with the highest costs associated with breast cancer ($16.5 billion), followed by colorectal cancer ($14 billion), lymphoma ($12 billion), lung cancer ($12 billion) and prostate cancer ($12 billion).
The standard treatments for cancer were based on their ability to kill rapidly dividing cells. Their use was successful in a number of cancers, but even when controlling cancer, they were associated with a significant side effect burdens on the patients which could limit their utility. Recently a number of highly novel biological treatments have become available selectively targeted at particular aspects of cancer cell biology.
The aim of Inflection Biosciences is to develop small molecule compounds that are targeted to specific aspects of cancer cell biology. We are particularly interested in mechanisms underlying such processes as cell proliferation, DNA repair and metastasis.


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