What We Do

Inflection Biosciences' research and development activities are focused entirely on cancer. This focus reflects the staggering unmet medical need that exists despite notable advances over the past decade. Our pipeline is aimed at developing innovative, targeted small molecule therapeutics which address many of those unmet needs.

We are leveraging the considerable investment of time and resources made by research institutes around the world to assemble our tightly focused portfolio of leading discoveries in the field of cancer.  

Our objective was to identify those programs most aligned with our desired target profile. This target profile was designed leveraging our own internal expertise and taking into consideration the needs of the stakeholders in the cancer sector including patients, clinicians, regulators, reimbursement agencies and the larger pharmaceutical companies.

We maintain an active dialogue with the universities and research institutes around the world. See In-licensing for further guidance on programs of most interest to us.

Inflection Biosciences and RCSI Nov 2017