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Inflection Biosciences forms alliances with research institutes across the globe to progress some of the most promising discoveries in development today. Discoveries at academic institutes, including universities, have contributed almost one third of new innovative treatments approved in the United States in recent years, and will remain a crucially important source for new treatments.

We select projects for in-licensing only once they have aligned favourably with our target profile, a profile we have carefully compiled following extensive engagement with the stakeholders in the oncology arena, including clinicians, oncologists, regulatory counsel and reimbursement agencies

Do you have a program to partner?

If you are seeking a development partner for your program and you believe it is aligned with the requirements set out below we would welcome an opportunity to hear from you. 

Program of most interest will possess the following profile:

  • targeted small molecules

  • new chemical entity

  • composition of matter patent

  • understanding of mechanism of action

  • potential to address a clear unmet medical need

  • Data (in-vitro) showing potent activity in cancer cells

Information can be sent to our business development team at

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