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Inflection Biosciences Announces Publication on Discovery of AUM302 in ACS Medicinal Chemistry

Dublin, Ireland, November 10, 2021 Inflection Biosciences Ltd, a company developing innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases today announced the publication of a paper describing the discovery of AUM302, a first-in-class PIM/PI3K/mTOR inhibitor in late pre-clinical development for the treatment of unmet needs in cancer.

The paper titled “Macrocyclization as a Source of Desired Polypharmacology of Triple PI3K/mTOR/PIM Inhibitors” highlights the use of macrocyclization to obtain a desired multitarget kinase inhibitor profile of small molecules and can be accessed at

Inflection Biosciences previously granted global development and commercialisation rights for AUM302 to AUM Biosciences, Singapore.

About Inflection Biosciences

Inflection Biosciences Ltd is developing small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The company's pipeline was licensed from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO). IBL-202 is a first-in-class, dual PIM kinase and PI3K inhibitor in development for B-cell malignancies, AML and multiple myeloma. The IBL-100 series comprises selective pan-PIM kinase inhibitors in development for cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The partnered pipeline comprises AUM302, a PIM/PI3K/mTOR inhibitor being developed by AUM Biosciences. For more information please visit

For Further Information Contact:

Inflection Biosciences Ltd

Darren Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer


T: +353 (0)1 4003615

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